The NEW iPhone 6 Coming Out in September

If there’s a smartphone release more highly anticipated than the iPhone 6, I don’t know about it. From making waves from the beginning with the release of the first generation Iphone in 2007, Apple seem to have the monopoly on mass media coverage for new handsets.


One of the main additions to the new iPhone 6, is newer hardware. A hardware update has long been needed, and it is likely that more GPU cores are going to fill up some of the space available in the new handset. It will reportedly come with a larger die, and have a much more powerful application processor than its older brothers, which will be welcome news for any consumer who has had the phone shut off in the middle of app usage.


Software wise, IOS 8 has been about for developers to play with for a little while now. With the update for the beta version coming in at around 270mb (depending on what handset you are trying to install it on), and a few bug fixes to go through just yet, it may be better to wait until it is officially released this fall before you play around with it. With reports of a cleaner user interface, and a lot of improvements on IOS 7, it may just persuade those sitting on the fence over whether the complete overhaul evident in IOS 7 was a good marketing move, or just something that Apple forced upon its consumers without any forethought or market research.


One of the things noticeable on the specifications, is the additions of ‘ibooks PDF reader’, which is a less than subtle attempt to take some of Amazon’s market share from all of the people religiously using their Kindle app. It’s the little nifty tricks like this that were completely missing from the 5s, which had buyers in uproar at the fact little or nothing had changed from the Iphone 5, so it looks like Apple have finally took note that people don’t want to pay for a newer product that does basically the same.

Face detection is another little gem that has been included in the specification, although as of yet it is not 100% clear how this will work on the phone. It would be a great addition if only your face can unlock the keypad, as then only people who looked incredibly like you could steal your phone. Another thing in the specification that jumps out is TV out, which is great for those who keep everything on their Iphone rather than be outdated and use a laptop. With a dual core 2GHz processor, and 2GB worth of RAM, why would you?


According to rumours, the new, sleek, larger screened design will also move the power button from the top to the right edge, making it more accessible for your thumb. it’s hard to tell until the release whether following this suit from Samsung will make the phone easier for us to use or just be pointless and incur an inevitable lawsuit from Samsung. Reports suggest that screen size wise, we could be looking at 2 models, 4.7in and 5.5in, which might give them a better chance of cornering some of the market of die hard Samsung Galaxy users who have got so used to their larger screens that giving them and Iphone makes them feel like they may as well be using a Nokia 3210.


Another rumour floating about regarding the screen, is that they will be manufactured in super hardy sapphire glass. Anyone who has had the misfortune of dropping their iPhone and having to pay a ridiculous excess even with insurance to repair it, will be welcoming this change, as not even a diamond can scratch pure sapphire. Even if it is not pure sapphire, and a hybrid, it will still offer a great deal more protection than screens on current models.

The oleo phobic coating which we saw come into play with the 3GS is still a feature, which is great for anyone who has had the misfortune of using older touchscreens (like the Samsung LG) which any tiny bit of dirt and grain embeds itself into easily.


Ergonomically, the iPhone 6 looks set to try and offer up some stiff competition to its rivals, who of late have made the Apple models look a bit bulky, to say the least. Although it seems disappointingly the rumours of the back Apple logo serving as a notification light are untrue, we can still expect a more pleasingly designed model.

With so much anticipation of the iPhone 6 until it’s release, it will be hard to place anything down to fact until it’s actually started being sold.

After all, we all know how much Apple love surprises.

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