Is the iPhone 6 Better Than The iPhone 5 Review

iPhone 6 Review- How much has changed?

Now that the iPhone 6 has been released and reviews are sprouting up over the internet about the iPhone 6 functions and reliability, the question arising is are the iPhone 6 mobile phones much different to the iPhone 5?

Every time there is a new model released, you always hear someone quote ‘they are all practically the same’ well from my observation, Apple have made such a simple and perfected device to begin with so there Is only need to update and add new features to the original model. The simplicity of the iPhone is what has taken the world by storm and to change this would be disastrous. So when people make such comments if you’re looking for the latest iPhone, their probably just a tad bit jealous. 😉

That being said, there are many updates and added features to the iPhone 6 which make it much worth the extra investment. The obvious changes are to the design, the iPhone 6 is made much more sleeker and thinner, with a larger screen to enhance user experience but there is much more that sets the iPhone 6 apart from the rest. The comparison between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 6 is stunning.

iPhone 6 New Specifications

The iPhone 6 is built for iOS 8 and with it is much faster compared to the iPhone 5, the battery has been upgraded to allow a whooping 250 hrs standby time so you’re never caught short when you desperately need your phone. The resolution has been pushed up to a fab 750 x 1334 pixels for your game requirements and the screen boasts a scratch resistant glass with Oleophobic coating. For all iPhone 6 specifications look at our iPhone 6 deals page.

The iPhone 6 Storms Ahead With New Features

We could go on all day about the iPhone 6’s upgraded specifications but let’s skip that part and get straight to the exciting stuff! Here are some of the features that the iPhone 6 has integrated that the iPhone 5 is missing:

Video Continuous autofocus
Picture-taking during video recording
Video sharing
Phase detection autofocus
Exposure compensation
Burst mode
Scratch-resistant glass
Video Continuous autofocus
Apple A8 Processor Chip
Storage up to 128GB (iPhone 5 64GB Max)
Slow-Mo Video capture
Apple Pay
Barometer Sensors to sense elevation
Accelerometer Sensor (measures acceleration or g-force)
These are just a few features that put the iPhone 6 above the rest in the market currently. For more information on iPhone 6 mobile deals click here.

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