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HTC, formerly High Tech Computer Corporation, initially made smartphones based mostly on the OS software that Microsoft and Windows Mobile use. However, in 2009 it began to change its core focus from Windows Mobile devices to Android OS devices and then in 2010 to also include Windows Phone OS. In 2012, HTC became the 98th top brand in the Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2011 report. Their sleek design is recognisable, the big screen easy to navigate and with a fantastic operating system, HTC business smartphones are a great tool for any business.

HTC Mobile Business Offers

With their sleek designs, long battery life, competitive pricing and ability to smoothly run the apps that businesses increasingly require their employees to use to reach peak productivity, HTC’s range of mobile phones have become increasingly popular with businesses. When it comes to the time for a business to buy mobile phones in bulk for its employees, it is important that it is fully aware of the benefits of each particular brand and, within that brand, the phone models that should be considered.

In this article, a closer look is taken at HTC’s mobile business offers and what they offer to companies. Pricing and Features that makes Sense the considerations when buying a phone as an individual are different to those of buying as a firm. If you have over one hundred employees who each require a business phone while working for the company, then, by saving a little on each phone, the saving multiplied can be quite substantial. Even a saving of only £50 pounds per phone, can translate into a significant saving which may prove important for the company, particularly when times are tough. HTC’s business phone offerings manage to provide a high quality of phone at a low price level which few competitors can match in the industry. The company’s use of Android and Windows 8, the fact that it is based in Taiwan, and its size and experience in the industry all help to keep the bulk of their phone line at a low price, without sacrificing quality.

They also include an excellent range of features in the their phones which many businesses view as essential, some of which other companies are starting to phase out. SD Card Inclusion A nice feature of many of HTC phones, such as the Desire HD and the Wildfire S, is that they include an expandable storage micro-SD card slot. This means that a micro-SD card of up to 32GB can be added to the phone without any workarounds being needed. Many businesses require their employees to cary data on their phones, such as audio recordings and a large number files relating to business transactions and dealings.

That HTC still includes this feature, which can cheaply and easily allow any company to add storage, makes our HTC business phone offers considerably more attractive than much of the competition. Good Battery Life Another important feature for many businesses when equipping their employees with company phones, is to provide phones that have a long enough battery life to last a single work day on one charge. In phones such as the HTC 8S and the HTC Titan, a sensible range of features such as screen resolution and process, have been incorporated by HTC, which ensures that good performance is provided without draining the battery too rapidly. Conclusion For any company looking to buy business phones in bulk for its employees, HTC’s line of phones is worthy of serious consideration.


There are many more HTC business mobile phones available. Please speak to our experienced corporate account managers to discuss the right HTC business mobile phone for your company.

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