The Best Phones for Business

There are a large number of cheap business mobile contracts with the latest mobile phones on the market, we have selected the most popular and reliable handsets below.

What are the best phones for business?

There are so many different handsets that you can use for your business operations and the phone you need is entirely dependent on what you do on a daily basis within your business.

Ideally you want a mobile phone for your business that will help you run your business. This page will advise you on exactly what you will need your phone to do.

Your business phone can have multiple features including email accounts, calendars and organisers, video conferencing software and much more. Below we will discuss some of the best phones for business and the features they encompass.

What do the best phones for business feature?

Easier communication with push email, sms, video calling and social networking.

Most business phones use a feature known as push email which allows new emails to be pushed to your inbox as soon as they arrive in your mail server. This is useful as you can stay on top of your emails as they come into your inbox.

Another benefit to most business phones is their ability to setup multiple email accounts which support all of the major email service providers.

With most email services on business phones they include attachment viewers and editors that mean you can edit documents created in Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as PDF’s that have been sent to your account.

QWERTY keyboard

If you are writing documents, emails or memos then a QWERTY keyboard is essential. They’re really useful if you want to compose a lengthy email or text message quickly and comfortably.

Organise your business with calendars and to do lists

How many times have you misplaced your diary or your organiser? With most business phones you can use the built in calendar to keep track of all your important appointments and meetings.

Most calendar applications will synchronise wirelessly with other applications such as Outlook, with details of all of your scheduling you will never trip up again and miss an appointment.

Specific business apps and tools

There are hundreds of specific applications for business phones that can help you manage your business and improve efficiency.

If you need financial news, information on shares or need to edit a presentation on the move then there are a whole host of apps that can fit your needs.

Remote locking and reset

The best phones for business will enable you to wipe your phone remotely from a trusted device. This means that all of your confidential and commercially sensitive information is safe, encrypted and protected from intruders.

Suitable and Cheap business mobile contracts

Lastly once you have found the features and the right phones for your business you need to next look for the  plan that will best suit your business budget. We make sure that our full feature phones are available on only the best a and cheapest business mobile contract plans. In fact we are one of the cheapest suppliers in the UK. If your not sure or satisfied please do not hesitate to speak to our specialist team who will be glad to assist you get the best deal for your needs.

Which is the best phone for business users?

This is a question that is incredibly difficult to answer as the handset will depend on your particular business needs. We recommend giving us a call or an email to discuss what your needs are and how we can help you find the best phone for business.

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