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Mobile Phone Business Deals

Why should you choose your mobile phone business deals from Wildfire Phones?

We have a history of providing mobile phones for business to various businesses that range in sizes from sole trader to large multinationals.

Below we have outlined some of the top reasons our customers choose us over and over again;

Wide Choice Of Business Mobile Phones

We have a range of phones that can suit your business needs and we can supply you handsets from all of the largest brands including Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia and many others.

If you don’t know which is the best mobile phone for business then contact our team and they can advise you on the best options for your business

Flexible Business Mobile Contracts

Do you need more data? Or maybe more minutes? Whatever you need we can provide you with a flexible contract that delivers everything you need whilst ensuring you do not pay for anything unnecessary.

One Point Of Contact

We deal with the biggest networks every day and can deal with any network enquiries you may have. For the entirety of your contract you will only ever have to deal with Wildfire Phones and nobody else. This helps to cut out any waiting time and time on hold to customer service representatives.

Due to our fast turnaround for our customer service enquiries you will be able to leave your enquiry with us and get on with your work and running your business. We can also deal with your enquiry via email or phone, whichever is easiest for you!

Impartial, Expert Advice

Our team are renowned for their impartiality which means you can relax and know you are being shown the best options. Whether you need a mobile handset, sim only deal or a tablet you will be presented with the best option for your business. All of our guidance will be based around your best interests, not ours.

There are a lot of different uses for your business phone but some of the most common to consider are listed below;

  • Do you need emails on the move?
  • Do you need a calendar synced to your office computer?
  • Do you need video conferencing?
  • Do you need social media access?
  • Do you need on-line banking access or Paypal?
  • Could you access your websites CMS using your phone?

Are there any business specific tasks that require specialist apps such as video recording or document editing?

Obviously your business is unique in its tasks and functions however we will endeavour to provide you with the best mobile phone business deals for your specific needs.

Bespoke Packages

When we build a proposal we use an independently managed analysis tool to make sure we understand your current usage and determine which networks and tariff works best for you. If we can we will also provide a discount from the quoted network price.



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