Business Landline Deals

At wildfire Phones we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best service and business landline deals that we can and because we have exclusive partnerships with the UK’s biggest landline providers we can offer exclusive discounts on our business landline deals.

We have loads of business landline deals that can be completely tailored to your businesses needs and help you to streamline your communication network whilst reducing overheads and increasing productivity.

With our all-encompassing service we can help you switch over from your existing landline provider and effortlessly integrate one of our business landline deals into your existing business infrastructure. Our team will help you every step of the way with gold standard support and a dedicated account manager.

Our dedicated account managers can also help you with any issues that may arise with your business landline, as we deal directly with the landline providers you won’t have to which means we are the single point of contact.

If you would also like to integrate mobile handsets, mobile broadband or any other of our business solutions into your landline package then would be happy to help.

Feel free to give us a call on 0345 466 7722, drop us an email at or click here to contact us.

Business Landline Services

At Wildfire we are an independent Communications Provider with our lines and call services are provided over the BT Network.

We deal with all parts of Line Rental base. Utilizing the Like4like process we will transfer your lines seamlessly onto our billing administration platform which will bring you prompt benefits.

  • Costs will be largely reduced straight away due to our large buying powers.
  • Taking over first line support with BT leaving you free to run your business.
  • Use current phone lines to retain performance.

Wildfire will work with you to change your telephone line limit if your business needs it. We have made a significant financial investment into a state of the billing platform charging stage which consents to the new BT Openreach Wlr3 conventions. This permits Wildfire to charge 21cn (BT Infinity) Next Generation Network services to our customers.

 We can provision, manage, oversee and receipt the following business line sorts at BT Wholesale rates.


Isdn2e is the advanced digital successor to the simple telephone network, ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) channels are, in actuality, digital exchange lines. They permit the computerised transmission of voice and information over common copper phone wires, bringing better voice quality and faster information exchange speeds (some companies use Isdn2e for Video Conferencing units). Isdn2e permit the business to make utilisation of DDI number. 


Isdn30e is more qualified and better suited to SME’s and Corporate customers, presenting usefulness, for example, for all intents and purpose momentary call connection which saves time and enhances productivity, the office to transmit voice, information, content and new requisitions, for example, feature telephony to help spare time and cash. As its name infers, a solitary Isdn30e bearer can support up to 30 channels, permitting the business up to 30 concurrent calls.

The base requirement for an Isdn30e bearer is 8 channels and these might be expanded in increments of 2 channels.

analogue pstn lines

These are Premium business analogue lines, delivered as single lines or Multi lines to be connected with a phone framework, despite the fact that not as adaptable as ISDN lines, they end up being to be a strong, minimal effort alternative for some businesses and organisations.